Reasons why your car might have been towed in Liverpool

Reasons why your car might have been towed in Liverpool

The thought of having your car towed is devastating to all drivers. Unless of course, you need the services of Best Towing Company Liverpool to tow your car in the event of a car mechanical breakdown.

You will be surprised at how many people have no idea why their car was towed. On that note, below are a few reasons why your car was towed without your permission.

Unlicensed Driver

It is illegal for any person to drive unlicensed or drive while their license has been suspended. Once police officers have encountered an unlicensed driver, they cannot risk the liability of having the driver drive away. Even if they are not the car owner or there is a passenger with a valid license in the car, the car will still be towed immediately.

As punishment, the car is impounded for 30days if the license was suspended or a driver’s license was never issued.

An arrest was made

Another reason why a car is towed is that either the driver was arrested or one of the occupants who were in control of the car has also been arrested. Such arrests are made in the event that the culprit was drunk driving or they are wanted by authorities for criminal reasons. In such cases, the police cannot assume liability for any car damages that were to happen if the car was left by the roadside; so their best cause of action would be to tow the car.

The car was left parked in the wrong place

When you leave your car parked blocking either the roadway, sidewalk, driveway, street, traffic lane or any other public right-of-way, your car is bound to be towed. Parking in this manner is a potential risk to other motorists and cannot be tolerated.

Additionally, if the driver parked in a no-parking zone, a fire lane or hydrant zone, a bus zone, a parking space specifically assigned for the handicapped, a construction site or any other no parking areas, the vehicle will be towed immediately.

Also, one other thing that most people do not realize will get your car towed immediately, is if it is in a parking lot and the alarm sounds for over a 20-minute period.

An expired car registration

A car that is found operating on the road or at any parking lot with an over six-month expired registration, will most definitely be towed without the permission of the owner. The vehicle is released immediately after providing proof of a renewed and valid license.

Faulty or dismantled cars

A vehicle that is faulty or dismantled and cannot move on its own will most likely be towed. These are cars that for some reason have no wheels, the windscreen is shattered or the engine is faulty so has no horsepower to move on its own.

Excessive parking violations

There are notorious drivers that refuse to pay for their parking tickets. If these unpaid parking tickets are five or more, the vehicle can be impounded at any time. In such a case, the vehicle will only be released once the parking citations are paid in full.