Reasons why your car could have broken down in Warrington

Reasons why your car could have broken down in Warrington

A car breakdown, no matter the cause, is a car owner’s most dreaded situation. This is especially true when it happens while on a road trip or far away from home.

The car owner’s first reaction is to panic; they panic because there is a possibility they do not know what could be wrong or they are scared of the repair costs. Also, towing fees have sky-rocketed but since I am from Warrington, Cheshire, Cheap Roadside Recovery Warrington is my go-to motorway assistance in case I need my car towed or a mechanical solution for my car.

What most people do not realize is that a lot of breakdowns would be easy to fix if some regular maintenance is done. Additionally, it would be easier fixing car mechanical problems if we knew the cause.

On that note, below are a few of the most common causes of car breakdowns.

Low or dead car battery

This is one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. With a low battery, starting your car can be a difficult task and probability of getting stuck wherever you are being very high. You may need another vehicle in order to jumpstart your car.

Under normal circumstances, a battery will last for 3-5 years depending on how often the car is driven, the tasks undertaken by the car and circumstances such as weather. For instance, a car’s battery will have a shorter life span if the owner lives in places with extreme temperatures most of the time.</p.

During routine maintenance, always have your mechanic check the battery; especially if it a couple of years old.

Additionally, be vigilant in observing early signs of a dying battery. Some of these tell-n-tale signs include dimming lights and power windows opening up and shutting down slower than usual.

Engine problems

Engine problem is a vast category that covers a wide range of issues. But the most common problem that would cause an engine to breakdown is overheating.

Overheating of the engine may be caused by a problem in the cooling system. A broken-down fan, a leak in the coolant, a problem with the water pump or a clog in the radiator are some of the issues that could cause cooling problems.

Transmission problems

The first signs of transmission problems could range from a simple but strange sound to a sudden erratic performance. If not checked out, this could lead to a total breakdown of the car.

If the car will not move, it would be common sense to ask your mechanic to check if the car’s transmission is blown. Regular service and having the mechanic flush the transmission fluid when the need arises could be the best thing to do to reduce any problems in your car’s transmission. It could also play a major role in preventing a breakdown.

Brake trouble

Brakes are what stand between you and grisly road accidents. Worn out brake pads make it impossible for a car to stop especially during emergencies.

Normally, brake fluids, rotors, and pads are supposed to be checked bi-annually. The brake fluid should be changed 2-3 years but it all depends on the instructions given by your manufacturer.