What to do when your car breaks down at the side of the road

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to break down at the side of the road, and it is something that most drivers will experience in their life. Breakdowns can happen at the most unexpected times and places, day or night. However, these days it is much easier to contact a Breakdown Service to help you in your time of need. Our Breakdown Services team can help you at such a time. The professional team of towing and recovery experts at Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd will attend to your call and fix the problem on the roadside or tow to a garage of your choice for repairs.

Before our Breakdown Services team can arrive to help you at the roadside, we recommend that you follow our tips to ensure your safety whilst you wait.

Place all appropriate and available warning signs to warn other road users of the obstruction- When you break down, there is always a risk of your car being hit by another road user. Therefore, warning signs and hazard lights are vital to warn other road users of the hazard that your vehicle is posing. Hazard lights are the most appropriate and commonly used warning sign. However, depending on the location of the incident red triangle warning signs can be placed roughly 50 meters behind the car. On higher speed roads like motorways, lose signs can be a hazard in themselves.

Move the vehicle away from the moving carriageway- If your car can still move, our Breakdown Services team recommend that you move the vehicle to the hard shoulder. Any attempt to move across the carriageway on the motorway are exceptionally dangerous. We only recommend moving your vehicle if it is safe to do. It is therefore advisable to switch on your hazard lights to warn other drivers of a stationary vehicle and wait behind the barriers for our Breakdown Services team to assist you.

Stand out and away from the vehicle-  If it is safe to get out of the car and move to a safer location, our Breakdown Services team advise that you get yourself out of the car and stand away from the carriageway whilst you wait for the emergency services. If there is a barrier, you should stand behind it. If your car is stranded in a carriageway or on the hard shoulder of a motorway, we recommend that you turn your wheels away from the road as much as possible. Therefore, if your car is hit, it will veer away from the road and not cause more damage to any of the moving traffic.

When you are in a safe position, call our operators at Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd and they will advise you accordingly. We will dispatch our Breakdown Services team to your location as quickly as possible and will advise you on what to do next. If you have been in an accident, we always recommend that you inform the relevant emergency services.