Tips to avoid a possible car breakdown

Tips to avoid a possible car breakdown

Every car owner would want their car up and running for as long as possible. Then one day as you are cruising down the streets of Warrington, a sudden cracking or grumbling sound comes from the rear of your car. You panic because you do not have any idea what is happening or what to do.

A car breakdown is the last thing anyone would expect. The whole uncertainty around what the problem is and the cost of repairs are what worries car owners most. There are instances where a breakdown is inevitable. However, this is not to say that the chances of your car breaking down cannot be reduced.

With a few car care tips, you are most likely to avoid a lot of expenses and other inconveniences associated with car breakdowns.

Let’s delve into specifics.

Top up your engine oil

No one wants to deal with a knocked engine so it is only clever to always have your engine oil topped-up. For me, this is my number one rule in car maintenance. You would ask why? This is because I once ignored the engine oil light on my dashboard and the only people who could help me out with my faulty engine was Breakdown Service Warrington.

It is natural for a car to run out of engine oil. However, if you topped up recently and the engine light comes on, pull over and check for spills that may have occurred from holes or cracks underneath the car. The next thing is to call your mechanic or visit the nearest garage.

Do regular servicing

This goes without saying; car owners should religiously take their cars for service. Missing even one car service is basically, risking your life and putting your car in danger.

During service, you may dread it when your mechanic suggests you buy a new set of brakes or replace your engine oil but it is best to listen to them because they know best; no matter how much it costs.

Car service is one of the major ways for a small issue to be identified before it turns out to be a major problem. For instance, a simple wheel alignment, if not resolved early enough could wear down the wheels’ rubbers or cause serious suspension problems.

Drive carefully

How you handle your car when driving has a direct impact on the durability of your vehicle. For instance, hard starts and stops should be avoided completely. Instead, when stopping make sure you apply the brakes smoothly.

Another thing is to avoid at all costs applying your brakes while driving downhill. This ‘dragging’ will most likely cause a break-system failure.

Avoid unnecessary weight on the car

Having unnecessary stuff like spare parts and random passengers in your car will have a negative impact on your vehicle.

With the extra weight, the car will have to work harder to accelerate, brake or turn which, in turn, may cause problems like snapped brake lines.

Don’t ignore warning signs

Ignoring even the smallest warning sign will not make it go away. Warning lights, strange noises or just a small change in the way the car feels while driving is enough for you to talk to your mechanic or take it to the garage. This will not only significantly lower repair costs but also reduce the car’s likelihood of breaking down.