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Motorway Recovery

Motorway Breakdown Assistance

Motorway incidents, accidents, breakdowns are serious events that require professional assistance relating to road safety and the safety of other road users.  Having an accident or being stranded at the side of the motorway can put drivers in a particularly dangerous situation. We advise customers to exercise basic road safety practices which can include standing away from the vehicle, leaving hazard warning lights on and when appropriate turning off the vehicle’s engine.

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motorway recovery
motorway breakdown recovery services

Motorway Breakdown Recovery

Vehicle motorway recovery for all types of stranded vehicles, disabled vehicles, accident damaged vehicles including loaded commercial vehicles. Due to complexities relating to vehicles weights, dimensions and overall vehicle capacities, we extend caution to explain vehicle motorway recoveries require professional services that demonstrate safe roadside practices.

Emergency or emergencies are life changing circumstances and we are not the emergency motorway recovery services. Here we explain the correct procedures to follow if your vehicle is involved in a road traffic accident, road traffic collision. In the event your vehicle is damaged or disabled we can recover your vehicle from the motorway providing there are no injuries at the roadside to yourself or to that of other road users. 

We strongly recommend safety is the priority for all disabled cars, vans, vehicles at the roadside. Accidents on a motorway are very serious events and as such there is no room for complacency at the roadside. Many incidents can be attributed to poor planning and awareness, a lack of concentration or simply misjudging the road and the other road users. 

Professional breakdown motorway recovery services will always include attention to circumstance. We understand the safety of all vehicles and all road users has to be the first priority and as such we operate within the guidelines of the road traffic act. We remain dedicated to providing essential roadside practices so we are very efficient at assisting all types of vehicle recoveries.

Roadside / motorway recovery services involves working in and alongside busy roads and motorways that are locations many vehicles commute. We only provide assistance for situations that require a professional roadside response. Our services are available to all members of the public. We operate commercial recovery services assisting, recovering, towing, winching, rescuing disabled motor car, motor van, motor vehicles that are disabled at the roadside.  

Safety First

Please seek professional motorway recovery assistance if your vehicle is causing an obstruction. Please remain safe at all times. Remain away from the vehicle and do not take unnecessary risks. Remember your vehicle is your responsibility as is the safety of other road users. Accidents are serious circumstances that we all wish to avoid. Remain safe, stay alert and contact us if your vehicle is presenting an obstruction or danger to other vehicles. We are a proactive breakdown service and can advise you accordingly.


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