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Breakdown Statistics

The frequency of incidents is continuously increasing and motorists are more likely to suffer a breakdown caused by a pothole than they were in 2006. This is why knowing which car breakdown recovery to call is Greater Manchester is important because you do not want to be waiting around when its the time you need help.

Findings across England showed the 70,000 potholes were reported to councils in 2018/19, which is around 28km and if they’re filled in would be the equivalent of 292 Big Bens.

Unfortunately, Councils and the Department for Transport have consistently fallen short when it comes to finance and resources needed to fix potholes.

According to the Conservative manifesto in the December election, they pledged to have the biggest ever pothole-filling program costing around £2 billion. However, nobody is sure of how much money will be spent between the local councils and government departments for the most used roads. Councils across England have said that more funds will be needed to rectify the huge volume of potholes on the nation’s roads.

A study by the RAC showed that they saw a 20% rise in pothole-related breakdowns in 2019. The data was released in cohesion with ‘National Pothole Day.’

Car Breakdown Recovery & Towing Services Greater Manchester

Our professional team at Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services will always advise you on ways to save time and money when it comes to issues on the road in Greater Manchester, no matter what the problem is.

We recover, assist and can repair many vehicle issues that stranded motorists encounter. Additionally, we provide breakdown recovery in Greater Manchester for customers with or without breakdown cover.

A survey of 2000 motorists this year found that potholes were named as the single most annoying thing about driving. They cause all kinds of problems for motorists and their vehicles, eight in ten drivers say they have to navigate around potholes every time they use the roads.

At Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd, we recover stranded vehicles in Greater Manchester professionally as well as offering vehicle diagnostics, tyre-fitting, and roadside repairs. No matter what time of day it is, we provide 24-hour breakdown recovery in Greater Manchester that is available seven days a week.

The top cause of damage to vehicles from potholes is a burst tyre at 44%, which is ahead of damaged wheels at 36%. Worst still, a fifth of pothole-related incidents resulted in accidents or collisions. Also, almost three in ten people have even had to take time off work because of pothole-related incidents, either to get their vehicle repaired or because of an injury.

If you ever suffer an incident because of a pothole call Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services any time, we work with our customers and provide the best breakdown recovery in Greater Manchester. Our team has expert mobile tyre fitting services that can assist and fix run-flat tyres, van tyres, caravan tyres, 4X4 tyres, high-performance tyres and trailer tyres. Our skilled team can repair or replace our customer’s tyres at the roadside or their place of choice.


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