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24hr Breakdown Assistance & Tow Truck Services 

Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd professional & reliable vehicle towing services in near Manchester. Every day, tens and hundreds of cars are stranded on the roads of Manchester, and if those cars are not towed quickly, then there will be long jams, which will give traffic police a hard time for sure. To avoid such situations from developing, Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd tows stranded vehicles quick response times are essential near the motorway in Manchester. We have a large fleet of towing trucks, which we bring into use for towing any type of vehicle from anywhere in Manchester.

The car can be towed to the nearest garage or the place of the customer’s choice. Not every stranded vehicle needs towing, so in case, your car has broken down due to a flat tyre, empty fuel tank, car lockout, electrical and/or mechanical failure, then call us, as our professional experts will reach your location and try to repair the problem on the spot. In case, the problem is beyond their knowledge, only then your vehicle will be towed to a car workshop.   

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Amazing service! Crash my car and rang Simon, within 20 minutes he picked me up towed my car back…

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My experience with Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd was great…Very pleasant experience all round…

Most Efficient On-Site Breakdown Assistance

Besides offering towing services in Manchester, we provide the best on-site assistance so that the problem(s) befalling your vehicle can be fixed on the spot to help you quickly resume your journey. Whether it is a battery problem, refuelling empty fuel tank, loss of keys, or a punctured wheel, we will assist you and help you as quickly as possible. If the problem is more serious, our breakdown service will suggest towing your vehicle to the garage you want.

Fast & Affordable Car Towing Service Manchester

When on-site recovery is not possible, we offer to tow your malfunctioned vehicle to a garage of your choice. Whether it is following an accident, a mechanical and/or electrical failure, we can quickly repatriate your vehicle in complete safety to the nearest garage. Our team of professionals will use all its know-how to guarantee you a quality, efficient and secure service.

Empty Fuel Tank

It is very common to ignore the fuel gauge before leaving for work, and if your fuel tank has emptied in the middle of a highway, then do not hesitate to call us. Our experts will quickly reach your spot and fill your car’s fuel tank with enough fuel to help you reach the nearest gas station.

Lost Keys

Did you forget your car keys in the car? Don’t feel embarrassed at all because you are not the only one to do such things. Give us a call and let us know where you are stranded, and we will immediately dispatch our team comprising of a locksmith who will try to open your car and retrieve the keys or create new keys for your car.

Dead Car Battery

If you turn the ignition key and nothing happens, then it is probably your car’s battery, which probably is dead. Contact us to jump-start your car to help resume your trip with confidence. Our Manchester towing company will tow your car in case, the battery can’t be revived.

Electrical and/or Mechanical Failures

If you are stuck on the side of the road due to the problem of engine knocking or complete collapse, then you can get in touch with our experts for quick and reliable assistance. Similarly, for all electrical failures in the car, we are available to you 24/7. Simply putting, our towing service and on-site assistance is just a call away from you.

Manchester Breakdown Services

A car breakdown is a situation that nobody would want to be in, but it happens. But, you don’t have to worry at all because you have a reliable company in Breakdown Man by your side, providing the best assistance on a bright sunny day or a dark rainy or snowy night. Just give us a call, provide us with a few details as to where you are stranded at and what type of vehicle you want us to tow, and we will immediately dispatch our team to your location. Boasting a large fleet of tow trucks Manchester, we will quickly tow your car to a safe location at the most affordable price.

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