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Car recovery in the north west may include Lancaster as a breakdown place for drivers. If you have not yet experienced a car breakdown, either you are very lucky or you make your technical visits on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many are not as lucky as you are, and so, they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. When someone gets stranded on the road with a broken vehicle in Lancaster, he/she can count on us. We are Breakdown Man, the fastest, most reliable, and affordable car towing service in Lancaster.

Wherever you are in Lancaster, we have a team of well-trained technicians ready to assist you in solving your problem. So, be confident in calling us for the breakdown service of your automobile. In essence, for any breakdown service within the Lancaster, we make ourselves available to serve you.


Lancaster Breakdown Companies


Boasting a large fleet of tow trucks we are a regional towing company.  Therefore, we could be described as a Lancaster breakdown company as it is in the north west. Recovery experts we are often in the Lancaster areas on a weekly basis. Furthermore, trading over ten years with an experienced team of experts, we can assure you of fast and reliable towing of your vehicle in any breakdown situation. Likewise, our breakdown experts in Lancaster are working hard to offer you tailor-made breakdown services on site.

Not everyone is confronted with the same problems, as a result, we have specialised technicians according to their field. Do we have to change the tyre? Is it rather a mechanical or electrical failure that has immobilised your car? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Contact us as soon as possible and one of our technicians will assist you as soon as possible.

Apart from these breakdown situations, we also carry out repairs outside our premises for operations such as:

  1. Towing accidental vehicles.
  2. Repairing flat tyre(s). If repair isn’t possible, then towing the vehicle to the nearest garage.
  3. Towing a vehicle in case of an electrical and/or mechanical failure.
  4. Jumping a dead battery.
  5. Bringing petrol/diesel for the customer’s car in case of an empty fuel tank to allow them to reach the nearest petrol station.
  6. Assisting customers with car lockout problem where the car key is either left inside the car or misplaced somewhere else.

In addition, our towing company in Lancaster don’t just tow a single vehicle at a time, but we perform parallel car towing as well. Call us to get your car towed from anywhere in Lancaster to the nearest car workshop or a place of your choice in the quickest of times.

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Amazing service! Crash my car and rang Simon, within 20 minutes he picked me up towed my car back…

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My experience with Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd was great…Very pleasant experience all round…