Breakdown Assistance & Breakdown Recovery with Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd

Breakdown Assistance & Breakdown Recovery with Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd

Breakdown assistance and breakdown recovery are services that members of the public often call upon at a time when their vehicle is compromised or disabled mechanically at the side of the highway or road. In the event of a breakdown situation we offer established professional breakdown advice and service, not all customers are sure or know what to expect and we receive a variety of calls from different customers needing advice as well as customer support. Our aim is very simple, we assist customers when and where it is possible to do so. We provide realistic attendance times and inform all customers regarding our estimated time of arrival. Equally, we maintain contact during the recovery process and at intervals, contact our customers to provide regular updates in respect of any breakdown assistance or breakdown recovery procedure that may commence.

We attend many types of incidents across many locations throughout Northwest England including Wigan and Warrington and all incidents and customers are treated with professional conduct and equality. We also provide a booking payment system as some customers can be permitted to pay after the event in unusual circumstances. We believe in customer service and believe in assisting our customers at every stage. We provide card payment facilities and additionally provide bank transfer and pay the driver options as the recovery industry is completely diverse and each customer has individual requirements.

Practising safe vehicle movements and removing disabled vehicles that are unroadworthy is a professional task as each recovery has different obstacles and various challenges. As an independent operator, we have worked extremely hard to provide a high standard throughout our Breakdown Recovery Service as the customer has to come first alongside the principle of safety first for all customers and members of the public. We invest in safety seating for small passengers and all vehicles we operate are fitted with passenger safety requirements. We provide three-point seat belts and each recovery vehicle is fitted with grab rails for passengers such as the elderly or infants. We go further than other businesses in the recovery business as we add anti-slip flooring to our vehicles made from fire retardant material and we have installed lights around step areas for passengers with visual disabilities or sight impairment. Furthermore, as standard practice fit rear lighting aids to the rear of our vehicles to ensure that all has been done to keep or customers safe whilst in the care of our qualified experienced professional driver.

Our working environment can be difficult at best and we offer reassurance to passengers through professionalism and expertise. We provide water and blankets and carry additional first aid items as standard in all our vehicles. We also carry vehicle diagnostic equipment, tyre and wheel cutting tools and tools used by the fire brigade for the more serious road incidents. Drivers are trained monthly on first aid techniques and on how to cope under stressful situations; confined space courses are one example and how to safely check a vehicle for potential risks before commencing any type of vehicle interaction on behalf of the company, you see here at Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Services Ltd we really do understand the complexities relating to disabled vehicles stranded on the highway or by the roadside.


The best breakdown experience for all customers involves a great deal of clear and positive communication, informing all our customers of expected and estimated time of arrival. We enjoy our service as equally we understand the importance and need for great levels of communication throughout all vehicle recoveries we actively provide for members of the public. We have many layers of vehicle breakdown recovery expertise and we can share here that we have an abundance off satisfied customers throughout our long history as a vehicle recovery service.

As a reasonably sized company, we invest in our services financially and emotionally as we are incredibly people-orientated and after all people are the main agenda and vehicles are secondary. We understand customers can be distressed or confused and we offer our services all year round without exception. We operate fully insured services and provide fully identifiable vehicles clearly showing our business name and telephone number. We provide many customers with repair services after their disabled vehicle has been safely recovered and direct our new customers and potential customers to read our past customer reviews which can be easily located at reputable trusted sources across the internet. We remain professional and comment that our reputation is outstanding for customer service and satisfaction as we have been serving customers for many years and our business is successfully growing. Our breakdown recovery services are amplified by the condition of our vehicles and the high level of vehicle maintenance we insist on maintaining for several factors relating to vehicle safety, passenger comfort, customer safety and the safety of other road users at all times. We implement routine vehicle checks daily as all vehicles are fitted with tachographs for again safety reasons, we have a schedule for drivers to check their own vehicles and we also employ a transport manager to check all the vehicles, staff and equipment are meeting our regulatory standards for vehicle compliance.

We promote and advise our drivers of the latest information to safe working practice whilst operating vehicle recovery at the public roadside, as equally we support our staff and provide well-being sessions on a monthly basis. We invest in our business as equally, we strive to achieve the best standards possible so all customers can identify the services we actually provide as a business are guaranteed breakdown assistance and breakdown recovery services that can be remembered for reliability, enthusiasm and customer support service levels. We know customers are our business and we remain enthusiastic regarding our professional breakdown recovery service. We serve the North West of England including Wigan and Warrington for professional breakdown assistance and breakdown recovery expertise. Our customers remain our customers and we enthusiastically maintain our customers’ safety and best interests at all times.