What to do when your car breaks down in Liverpool

What to do when your car breaks down in Liverpool

There are millions of people driving their cars down the streets every day. All these drivers realize that it is paramount that their car might at some point breakdown; either at home or somewhere on the road.

Whether it is something as minor as a basic flat tire, a fuel crisis or some sort of an accident, car breakdowns should be treated with the utmost care. The first thing the driver should avoid is going into panic mode; even if it’s the first time it has happened. Then, for people like me who live in Wirral, Merseyside, call Cheap Roadside Recovery Liverpool for further assistance.

On that note, below are other things you should do after your car has broken down.

Park the car off the road

When you are on the road jamming to your favourite Chris Brown song and suddenly you hear that strange sound or a large cracking sound, smoothly take your foot off the accelerator and slowly direct the car towards the side of the road.

As soon as you sense a problem, signal your intentions to other motorists. If you will need to change lanes, carefully watch the traffic as you strive to park off the road.

Flash emergency lights

As I stated earlier, it is important to let other motorists know your intentions. Also, you will need to signal them that you are experiencing some car trouble so that they do not accidentally run into you.

Besides, it is only roadworthy to further alert them by placing reflectorized triangles behind and in front of the car. Emergency flashers will also do the trick.

You could also the car’s interior dome light and in case the battery is dead, just hand a handkerchief, your hood or simply a t-shirt out of your car window so that people know that you need help.

Note your location

At this point, most drivers would most probably have a phone on their ears trying to seek help. So, it would only be clever to note your location. Remembering landmarks such as malls, hotels, shopping centres would make it easier for you to get tracked. Also, remembering any signs that would give a clear idea of where you are would be an added advantage.

Assess the car’s problem

The next step would be trying to access what the real problem could be. Look for any warning signs on the dashboard. Do not be tempted to do repairs, unless of course, it is a minor puncture, you have all the appropriate repair tools and you know exactly what it is you are doing.

Otherwise, just step out of the car and wait until help comes.

Stay safe

Safety is your number one priority now. Whether you choose to stay in the car or not will greatly be determined by your current situation.

If you choose to exit the car, be careful of oncoming traffic, avoid walking around while talking on your phone, carry a flashlight if it is at night and always ask for identification before accepting help from strangers.

If you choose to stay in the car, keep your windows and doors locked. Also, avoid running your car’s engine for extended periods as this may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Lastly, if you are threatened by a stranger, honk your horn as many times as possible while flashing your lights repeatedly to attract attention.